Wolf® HT-400Z0 – Headlamp

This lamp can be used in both gas and dust environments. Zone 0 is for explosive gas environment. Zone 20 is for explosive dust environments.


– Lamp type: High Power LED
– Light color: White
– Material: High Impact Thermoplastic

– Light output: 75 lumens (High)

– Light duration: 8.50 hours (High)

– Functions: High
– Switch:
– Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
– Volt: 3x 1.5 volts

– Lens: Polycarbonate

– Battery: 3x AAA (LR03)
– Battery included: Yes

– Rechargeable: No

– Weight with batteries: 0.090 Kg

– Certification: IP67, Zone 0, 1 & 2 explosive gas, vapor and mist and Zone 21 & 22 dust
– Colour: Yellow

Light standards in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL-1

When using NOT tested and/or recommended batteries in an ATEX lamp, the ATEX certification automatically expires

The HT-400Z0 is compact and lightweight, weighing just 90 grams including batteries and is constructed from rugged, durable, chemically resistant materials and features an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. The tilt adjustment mechanism allows the user to position the light at a specific angle and the custom optics deliver a wide spot beam suitable for hands-free tasks at close range, and are designed for one-handed operation and waterproof/dust tight to a minimum of IP67.

With a ‘fitted for life’ powerful LED light source, the HT-400Z0 has a light output of up to 75 lumens, with an optimal light duration of approximately 8.5 hours from a set of three AAA alkaline cells. The use of primary cells makes it economical for personal lighting.

The ATEX LED HT-400Z0 headlamp comes with an adjustable, removable fabric headband allowing it to be worn directly on the head in a comfortable, low profile and long-term manner, and a set of 4 helmet clips that allow it to be securely attached into a hard hat.