UV Light

Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet (UV for short) is electromagnetic radiation just outside the part of the spectrum that is visible to the human eye. The wavelength of ultraviolet radiation is between 100 and 400 nanometers, so seen from visible light beyond the violet, hence the name.

UV-A light

We have UV-A light in abundance from the sun on earth. It is hardly stopped by the atmosphere and passes through glass without any problems.

UV-B light

We also have UV-B light on Earth, but most of it is blocked by the atmosphere and it hardly passes through glass.

UV-C light

UV-C does not pass through the atmosphere and does not reach the Earth’s surface.

UV light is only partially visible to our eyes. This part is in the UV-A range, up to approximately 380nm (nanometer). Below that, UV light is invisible to us.

When using UV LEDs, but also with UV-TL technology, visible light is also released. To make the fluorescence effect as clear as possible, the use of a special filter is necessary. These filters look like black opaque glass filters to our eyes, but they are actually permeable to UV light. In this way, the visible light from the LED (or fluorescent tube) is eliminated and only the invisible UV light is allowed to pass through


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Wizard C2 WUV

Wizard C2 WUV is a unique multi-flashlight with four LEDs for impressive ultraviolet and white light.

The model with four powerful LEDs is for those who need a flashlight for both daily and specialized professional use. Additional ultraviolet light allows the search for leaks of industrial fluids using a fluorescent marker during production and during car maintenance, identifying biological fluids during forensic medical examination, checking the authenticity of currency and passports.

White light with a brightness of 1100 lumens is optimal for evening jogging, cycling, outdoor recreation, working in a garage and on construction sites.

The versatility of Wizard C2 WUV is determined by different mounting options: on the head with a reliable head attachment, on any garment with a steel clip, on any metal surface thanks to the magnet in the tail cap.

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