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Peli BioThermal™

Peli BioThermal™: advanced thermal packaging

Thermal packaging has been developed for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Peli BioThermal™ offers a broad line of temperature-controlled shipping packaging. You are assured of the most advanced packaging technologies.

Various thermal packs from Peli BioThermal™

Peli BioThermal™ offers a variety of thermal packaging options for temperature-sensitive products. Products that react violently to temperature changes must be protected. Different weather conditions, shocks during transportation, all affect the items.

The Peli BioThermal™ range assists companies with their thermal packaging needs. With this packaging you transport products from the healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and much more.

Available at Vonk B.V.

The various applications of Peli BioThermal™ are available on our website.


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