19 inch Rack Mount Cases

19 inch Rack Mount

Peli™ offers a wide range of Rack Mount Cases suitable for everything from military, medical and industrial applications to aerospace.

All Rack Mount Cases include several standard features such as a water and airtight seal using a tongue-and-groove closure and patented metal mounting points that distribute the load across the walls for maximum integrity.

In addition, the cases are equipped with anti-tear locks, shock absorbers and stacking cams, keeping your equipment safe and stable, even under the most challenging conditions.

Featuring high-quality construction and meeting the standards of ANSI/EIA-310-C and ATA Specification 300, Category I, these cases are the perfect choice for safe storage and transportation of your equipment.

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At Vonk B.V. you will find a wide range of Rack Mount Cases. These different Rack Mount cases have different sizes and are designed for different loads. The different series are the Classic Rack, SuperMAC™ Rack, MAC Rack™, Min MAC Rack™, BlackBox Rack and ProRack™.

The Classic Rack is used for very delicate and heavy diagnostic equipment that needs to be transported but cannot withstand shock or vibration.

The SuperMAC™ Rack is suitable for fragile equipment that needs to be transported but cannot withstand shock or vibration.

The MAC Rack™ is designed for equipment that is moderately fragile and requires shock protection and is used in a confined work environment.

The Min MAC Rack™ is designed for light to medium protection and offers the best impact performance in the industry.

The BlackBox Rack is ideal for lightweight equipment such as photography equipment that needs to be brought to location.

The ProRack™ is a case for very robust, lightweight equipment and keeps it dry and dust-free during transport.

The 19 inch Rack Mount Cases are Rotomolded cases. This means that they are fully configurable. Click on the button below for the many options.



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