Suprabeam© Q7xrs – Rechargeable flashlight

Q7xrs is the peak of handheld illumination, and the flagship of the Suprabeam torch range.


– Bulb type: LED Cree power chip
– Material: Aluminium
– Diameter: ø 46mm
– Length: 158mm

– Light levels (Dim mode): Max: 2000 LM / Dim: 1000 – 6 LM
– Burning time (Dim mode): Max: 2h / High dim: 2h 15min / Low dim: 500h

– Light modes (Step mode mode): High: 2000 lm / Medium: 1000 lm / Low: 200 lm
– Burn time (Step mode mode): High: 2h / Medium: 2h 15min / Low: 15h

– Light distance: 345m
– Light angle: 10-70°

– Switch: Electronic switch with silicone cover
– Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

– Battery type: Li-ion 26650 (5000 mAh) 3.7 V
– Battery Included: Yes
– Charging time: 100% = 4h 30min. 80% = 2h 30min
– Rechargeable: Yes

– Weight: 307gr
– IP rating: IPX4

– Colour: Grey
– Included: USB cable, 2X Battery, manual, Holster, Charging system, wrist strap

Q7xrs is the peak of handheld illumination, and the flagship of the Suprabeam torch range.

The body of the torch is crafted from high strength aluminium, and oozes of supreme quality and craftmanship. Our innovative development team has worked tirelessly to optimise the efficiency of the electronics in order to produce as much light as possible for as long as possible. The Q7xrs is our most powerful torch to date delivering astonishing 2000 lumens, and due to the optimised technology, the runtime is 50% longer compared to other normal LED torches. Not only does the Q7xrs deliver 2000 lumen in peak and a 50% longer runtime, it also ideals at an astonishing 1000 lumens constant light output utilising the whole structure of the torch for heat dispatching.

Furthermore, the Q7xrs torch features our iconic Hyperfocus system, an advanced electronic switch, and it comes with two massive 5000 mAh lithium ion batteries to power it. Making it possible to charge one battery, while using the other in the torch – a truly uncompromising solution for the demanding professional user.

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