Our History

The history of Vonk B.V.

We would like to take you through the fascinating history of our company and introduce you to the important moments and achievements that have made us what we are today. Vonk B.V. was founded in November 1973 under the name Helders Clarson and has been around for over 50 years this month. Our first product was the Dynalite, a large 6D hand lantern. Meanwhile, in 1976, the foundation of Pelican™ Products was laid in a shed in the US.

The origins of Peli™

Founder Dave Parker, together with his wife Arline, discovered the demand for robust lamps and cases for divers, among others. The products had to have a high degree of durability, reliability and quality. First up was the Pelican™ Float, the legendary and indestructible SabreLite™. The very first Pelican™ Protector Case, model 1500, followed shortly afterwards.

The collaboration with Peli™

Vonk B.V. started in November 1989 with the first import of Pelican™ products, namely a box of MityLites™ and SabreLites™. Over the years, catalogs with suitcases depicted in them were also published. This created the demand for suitcases. The first load of suitcases by air freight cost as much as the transport and import duties combined. This period ended in 1997 with a 40″ and 20″ sea container. From then on, Pelican™ Products will continue from Barcelona under the name Peli™ Products.

High-quality range

Our many years of collaboration with Pelican™ and Peli™ ensured that expertise in this area has become an important part of our service. We have a wide range of products from this high-quality brand. In addition to the Peli™ Protector, Peli™ Storm and Peli™ AIR cases, the range also includes the Peli™ lamps, Peli™ RALS products and Peli™ Hardigg™ products.

Custom interiors

In addition to our specialization in suitcases and packaging, Vonk B.V. has also developed in relieving relationships. We offer specialist custom interiors and other adjustments that look perfect on both the inside and outside. High quality is central here.

Mobile lighting

Vonk B.V. also has a role in the world of mobile lighting. has gone through quite an evolution. From incandescent lamps to the current LED lamps. Explosion-proof (ATEX) lighting plays a major role in the developments. Contrary to our company name, we attach great importance to safety.


Vonk B.V. has been your reliable partner in the field of high-quality and indestructible products for various professional sectors for more than 50 years. For further questions or advice, please contact us at +31 (0) 88 033 0300 or send an email to info@vonkbv.com. You are also very welcome in our showroom at Voorstraat 41 in Piershil. We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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