Intermediate Bulk Carrier

Intermediate Bulk Carrier – IBC

Large quantities of hazardous substances are transported worldwide. By water, rail, air and road. To prevent hazardous solids from causing damage to people or the environment during transport, Vonk has expanded the program with the Intermediate Bulk Carriers. In short: IBC. These containers are ADR 11H2 certified, equipped with a lid and specially developed for the transport of solid soil-threatening substances, hazardous substances and CMR substances.

The transport of hazardous substances entails additional risks. After all, in the event of an accident, the substances can be released and cause damage to both people and the environment. For this reason, there is strict international legislation that sets requirements for, among other things, the vehicle, the method of loading, the documentation, the knowledge and experience of the people involved and the packaging.

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Intermediate Bulk Carrier

The requirements imposed on packaging for the transport of solid, hazardous substances relate to various aspects. Resistance to mechanical loads, (extreme) temperatures, fire, chemicals, corrosion, etc. It is also pleasant for the transporter himself that all these robust properties can be combined with a low weight.

This is not a problem for the practically square Vonk IBC. A so-called Intermediate Bulk Carrier from Vonk that is ADR 11H2 certified. This means that this is a free-standing, rigid plastic container that is suitable for the transport of solid soil-threatening substances, hazardous substances and CMR substances. By using fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), the IBC is five times lighter than steel. An empty container weighs 37 kg and can be moved by two people without the need for a forklift or pump truck.

Big Bag

If desired, the IBC can be combined with a ‘big bag’, which allows the contents to be taken in and out with a crane or forklift truck in an occupational health and safety manner. For this purpose, the container has forklift recesses at the bottom.

The Vonk IBC has a volume of 920 liters and a maximum loading weight of 1100 kg. Furthermore, the dimensions are tailored to a 20-foot maritime container that can easily accommodate twenty by stacking two layers of ten. The containers are also ideal for transport by road and rail. When it is emptied, the user can return it nested.

Customer-specific versions

The VONK IBC is supplied in a neutral light gray color as standard. For larger quantities, other colors, other dimensions and the application of your own logo are possible ex works. Trackers, a hinged lid and a customer-specific interior are also possible upon consultation.

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