Armytek® Wizard C2 WUV – Mulitlamp

Wizard C2 WUV is a unique multi-flashlight with four LEDs for impressive ultraviolet and white light.


– Lamp type: LED UV lamp
– Color temperature: White
– Optics: TIR

– Head diameter: 33 mm
– Body diameter: 20.4mm
– Length: 112mm
– Strobe function: Yes

– Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum
– Features: Magnetic holder
– Non-slip coating: Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV

– Beam distance: 98 m
– Luminous intensity: 1100 lm
– Light output (ultraviolet light): 1595 mW
– Light angle: 70 – 120°

– Light mode: 5 white light – 5 ultraviolet light
– Wavelength (ultraviolet light): 400 nm
– Light duration: 2.30 hours (520 lm after 90 sec)
– Ultraviolet light duration: 3 hours

– Rechargeable: Yes
– Battery: 1X 18650 Li-Ion
– Battery included: Yes
– Indication of battery level:

– Weight without batteries: 65 gr
– Temperature: -25°C to +40°C

– Certification: IP68
– Colour: Black

– Includes: 1x battery, magnet USB charger, headband, steel clip, 2x O-ring

Wizard C2 WUV is a unique multi-flashlight with four LEDs for impressive ultraviolet and white light.

The model with four powerful LEDs is for those who need a flashlight for both everyday and specialized professional use. Additional ultraviolet light enables the search for leaks of industrial fluids using a fluorescent marker during production and during car maintenance, identifying biological fluids during forensic medical examinations, checking the authenticity of currency and passports. White light with a brightness of 1100 lumens is optimal for evening jogging, cycling, outdoor recreation, working in a garage and on construction sites.

The versatility of Wizard C2 WUV is determined by different attachment options: on the head with a reliable head attachment, on any garment with a steel clip, on any metal surface thanks to the magnet in the tail cap. The model is compatible with the original ABM-01 attachment for mounting on a bicycle and the AHM-02 attachment for construction helmet.

Vonk B.V. art. code: 6111F08901UF
Leverancier/supplier art. code: F08901UF