Peli™ 2720 – Headlight (Gen 2)

Greasy or dirty hands are no longer a problem with this headlamp. The headlamp can be switched on by waving your hand.


– Lamp type: LED
– Light color: Red/White
– Material: ABS

– Light output: 200 lumens (High), 12 lumens (Low)
– Light distance: 82m (High), 103 hours (Low)
– Candela: 1684cd (High), 103cd (Low)

– Light duration: 3 hours (High), 20m (Low)

– Functions: Variable / Night Vision / Signaling
– Switch: Guesture Activation Control
– Volt: 4.5 volts

– Length: 6.3 cm

– Lens: Polycarbonate (PC)

– Battery: 3x AAA Alkaline battery
– Battery included: Yes

– Rechargeable: No

– Weight with batteries: 108 gr
– Weight without batteries: 74 gr

– Certification: IPX4
– Colour: Black

– Included: 3x AAA Alkaline battery, fabric headband

Light standards in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL-1

Motion activation control, variable light output, dual red LED night vision. Gloved hands, wet hands or greasy hands are no problem when using the 2720 with Gesture Activation Control technology. Turn on the light with a hand gesture. Additional features include: Low red light that preserves night vision, for nighttime applications. Signaling red (S.O.S) flashing light. Optical 4x magnification provides a wide or penetrating beam. Including a variable light output of 100%-10%.

Vonk art. code: 100272014
Peli art. code: 027200-0101-110E