Suprabeam© B6r – Bicycle lamp

The future of cycling has never been brighter.


– LED: 2 CREE Power Chips
– Material: High Strength Aluminium

– Dimensions: Lamphead: 39x58x58, Powerpack 36Wh: 30x50x92, Powerpack 72Wh: 30x50x164
– Mounting: 31.8 / 35 mm aluminum handlebar mount / Universal frame mounting with Powerpack pouch
– Controller: Yes, 5 step controller with Go Home Light

– Light modes: Level 5: 4200 lm / Level 4: 3000 lm / Level 3: 2000 lm / Level 2: 1000 lm / Level 1: 500 lm

– Burn time 36Wh Powerpack: Level 5: 1h 15min / Level 4: 1h 30min / Level 3: 2h 15min / Level 2: 5h 30min / Level 1: 11h 30min
– Burn time 72Wh Powerpack: Level 5: 2h 30min / Level 4: 3h / Level 3: 4h 30min / Level 2: 11h / Level 1: 23h

– Light distance: 230m

– Switch: Separate on/off switch and rocker switch
– Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

– Battery type: Powerpack 36Wh: 5000mAh 7.2V | Power pack 72Wh: 10000mAh 7.2V
– Battery Included: Yes

– Charging time: Powerpack 36Wh: 80%=2h, 100%=4h | Power pack 72Wh: 80%=3h 30min, 100%=6h
– Charging temperature: 0°C to +45°C
– Rechargeable: Yes

– Weight: Lamphead: 167g, Powerpack 36Wh: 313g, Powerpack 72Wh: 560g
– IP rating: IP65 water jet resistant (no pressure washer)

– Colour: black
– Included: Powerpack, Powerpack holster, Manual, Adapter, Quick release mount, rubber handlebar fittings, cable straps

The future of cycling has never been brighter.

The Suprabeam B6r is a next generation bicycle light, designed and developed with the knowledge and skill of more than two decades of innovative portable lighting for the professional sector. Every corner of the B6r has been carefully studied to develop a bicycle light that not only pushes the boundaries of what is possible, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

With 4200 lumens, the B6r cuts through the darkness like a knife and you ride the fastest trails as if it were daytime. Wrap the power pack pouch around the frame and twist the light head into place, take a deep breath and prepare for the trail ahead, click into the pedals and GO.