Peli™ flashlight

A Peli flashlight is an indestructible flashlight specially designed for the harshest conditions. These flashlights are often used during outdoor activities and by professionals in defense, fire brigade, industry and many other industries. If you are looking for a reliable, professional flashlight that can take a beating, you’re in the right place with a Peli flashlight!

Indestructible and professional flashlight

Peli flashlights are made of polycarbonate materials and are specially designed for use in demanding conditions such as outdoor activities, emergency situations and other circumstances. This professional flashlight is waterproof, impact resistant and provides a bright and consistent light source. In addition, Peli flashlights are available in different sizes and models, so you can always find a professional flashlight that meets your specific needs. When purchasing a Peli flashlight, you always receive a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Our range of Peli™ flashlights

Peli flashlights are known for their brightness and are equipped with the best LED or xenon lighting. This provides a bright beam of light that is especially useful in fog, smoke or rain or other extreme conditions. Peli produces flashlights up to 1000 lumens, which can be used for approximately 190 hours. At Vonk B.V. you will find a very wide range of professional flashlights from Peli, including compact flashlights, lanterns and headlamps.

If you are looking for a reliable headlamp, the Peli 2765Z0 is highly recommended. This ATEX certified headlamp is specially designed for high-risk conditions. In addition to being certified for the highest ATEX category, Zone 0 (Cat. 1), it is ultra-compact and very light at only 96 g including batteries. The three precisely placed LEDs produce up to 105 lumens and have a run time of up to 9 hours. The Peli 2765Z0 has multiple modes: high, low, down and a blink function. The downward LEDs provide the perfect illumination for safe walking and easy reading. But your travel companions or colleagues will also be satisfied, because they will no longer be dazzled during personal conversations. The Peli 2765Z0 also has a battery indicator, so you always know how long your flashlight can be used.

Are you looking for a lamp packed with functions? Then the Peli 3415MZ0 is for you. This flashlight is the ultimate ATEX explosive safety certified compact worklight. The Zone 0 certification provides the security required for almost all hazardous locations. This Peli flashlight is powered by only 3AA batteries and is equipped with both a spot and a flood LED. The Peli 3415MZ0 contains an integrated magnet so that the flashlight can be used hands-free. In short, the Peli 3415MZ0 is truly a multi-task flashlight designed to be of great value in all conditions.

If you’re looking for a compact flashlight thin enough to fit in your pocket, the Peli 2410 is a great choice. This flashlight is lightweight and easy to carry, yet provides a bright and reliable light source. It is waterproof and has a robust and durable design, making it perfect for people who regularly work in outdoor conditions.

Buying a Peli™ flashlight from Vonk B.V.

Would you like to buy a professional flashlight? Then you are at Vonk B.V. at the right place! We are a small but rapidly growing company specialized in supplying indestructible products from top brands such as Peli, Armytek and Suprabeam to industry, defense, police, fire brigade, ambulance and many other agencies. If you are interested in buying a Peli flashlight, you can request a quote without obligation via our website.


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