Peli™ 2765Z0 – Headlight

This head lamp can produce up to 105 Lumens with its 3 accurately placed LED lamps. The LEDs can be tilted downwards making them ideal for walking.


– Lamp type: 3 LEDs
– Light color: White
– Material: Anti-static Impact Modified PC/PBT

– Light output: 141 lumens (High), 27 lumens (Downcast), 118 lumens (Main & Downcast High), 68 lumens (Main & Downcast Low)
– Light distance: 78m (High), 9m (Downcast), 66m (Main & Downcast High), 44m (Main & Downcast Low)
– Candela: 1512cd (High), 22cd (Downcast), 1078cd (Main & Downcast High), 486cd (Main & Downcast Low)

– Light duration: 5.30 hours (High), 14 hours (Downcast), 5.15 hours (Main & Downcast High), 7.45 hours (Main & Downcast Low)

– Functions: High / Low / Downcast / Flashing
– Switch: Push button
– Volt: 4.5 volts

– Length: 5.7 cm

– O-ring: Over-molded TPR
– Lens: Clear Polycarbonate (PC)

– Shroud: Anti-static Impact Modified PC/PBT
– Contact Spring Retainer:

– Battery: 3x AAA Alkaline batteries
– Battery included: Yes

– Rechargeable: No
– Battery level indication: RGB LED

– Weight with batteries: 96 gr
– Weight without batteries: 60 gr

– Certification: ATEX Zone 0, IP54
– Colour: Yellow, Black

– Included: 3x AAA Alkaline batteries, fabric headband, rubber headband

Light standards in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL-1

When using NOT tested and/or recommended batteries in an ATEX lamp, the ATEX certification automatically expires

ATEX certified headlamp is specially designed for high-risk conditions. In addition to being certified for the highest ATEX category, Zone 0 (Cat. 1), it is ultra-compact and very light at only 96 g (incl. batteries). The three precisely placed LEDs produce up to 105 lumens and have a run time of up to 9 hours.

The Peli 2765Z0 has multiple modes: high, low, down and a blink function. The downward LEDs provide the perfect illumination for safe walking and easy reading. But your travel companions or colleagues will also be satisfied, because they will no longer be dazzled during personal conversations. The Peli 2765Z0 also has a battery indicator, so you always know how long it can be used.

Vonk art. code: 100276521
Peli art. code: 027650-0104-241E

Vonk art. code: 100276521
Peli art. code: 027650-0104-110E