Peli™ case
Are you looking for a sturdy transport case of the highest quality? Then choose a Peli™ case from Vonk B.V. and be assured of an indestructible product. Peli™ is the manufacturer of cases that are strong, waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant. At Vonk B.V. you will find different types of sturdy Pelicases. This allows you to effortlessly transport various types of materials in the most extreme conditions.

Peli™ case: extremely strong and indestructible

Peli is known as the top brand in the field of extremely strong and indestructible transport cases. The Peli™ cases or Peli™ cases can withstand the toughest environments and climatic conditions. From humid heat in the tropical jungle to extreme cold in the Arctic. The cases are used by many professionals. Think of defense, industry, fire brigade and all kinds of other companies.

Widely applicable Peli™ case

The strong Peli™ cases can be used for various purposes. They are suitable, among other things, for transporting vulnerable equipment. Computers, laptops, hard drives, cameras, film equipment, camera lenses and telephones are some examples of this. Tools or other delicate materials are also easy to carry in a Peli™ case.

Extensive range

We have a wide range of Peli™ cases, including the Peli™ case 1510. Each case has its own function and specific features. Below you will find the different versions:

Peli™ Rack Mount Cases
Peli™ Protector
Peli™ Storm
Peli™ Air
Peli™ Micro cases
Personal Utility Cases
Peli™ Single Lid
Peli™ Hardigg
Peli™ ProGear Hardback
Peli™ ISP2

Case and packaging expert Vonk B.V.

Vonk B.V. specializes in supplying products with a strong and indestructible character. Thanks to our high-quality offering with the best quality brands, we protect what you hold dear. We have also developed in taking care of relationships within the company. We offer custom interiors in consultation with our customers. These look perfect both on the inside and outside. Our goal is to be a reliable supplier and source of information.

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Would you like more information about our Peli™ cases or do you have any questions about them? We are happy to give you appropriate advice. You can contact Vonk B.V. can be reached on 0880 33 03 00 or via the email address Of course you are also very welcome in our showroom, located at Voorstraat 41 in Piershil. We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.