Need a Peli™ trolley case? | Vonk B.V.

Looking for a sturdy trolley? Then go for a lightweight and robust suitcase: the Storm suitcase. This trolley is the result of years of perfecting and testing in both the laboratory and in the field. At Vonk B.V. you can find this high quality large trolley in our extensive range. This trolley is also the […]

Peli™ Case | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ case Are you looking for a sturdy transport case of the highest quality? Then choose a Peli™ case from Vonk B.V. and be assured of an indestructible product. Peli™ is the manufacturer of cases that are strong, waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant. At Vonk B.V. you will find different types of sturdy Pelicases. This […]

Peli™ Storm Case | Vonk B.V.

 Peli has developed a new Peli™ storm case video showcasing the durability and use cases of this case series, making it the ideal choice for literally… everyone! The whole collection Peli Storm koffers can be found on our website.