Medical cases | Vonk B.V.

Medical case In the world of medical care, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and effectively. This is where Vonk B.V.’s expertise comes in. look around the corner, we specialize in high-quality medical suitcases. Vonk B.V. goes further than simply offering turnkey solutions; We put together medical suitcases that exactly fit the […]

Peli™ 1535 transport case | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ 1535 The Peli™ 1535 is no ordinary transport case; it is a rugged companion designed to protect your valuables in the most demanding conditions. Whether it’s expensive electronic equipment, delicate instruments or important documents, the Peli™ 1535 offers unparalleled durability and reliability, and is the ideal choice for maximum protection during your transport. Peli™ […]

NEW: Peli™ 3335RZO | Vonk B.V.

New by Vonk B.V. New in our range is the compact rechargeable Peli™ 3335RZ0 flashlight Request a quote for the new flashlight without obligation. Strongest ATEX tested flashlight With the Peli™ 3335RZ0 you have a strong flashlight in your hands. The rechargeable flashlight has a unique combination of features that make the Peli™ 3335Z0 the […]

Peli™ 1780 HL Weapon case | Vonk B.V.

Weapon case Looking for the ultimate protection for your valuable firearms? The Peli™ 1780 HL gun case is the solution you need. At Vonk B.V. we understand the importance of durability and safety when it comes to transporting and storing weapons. That’s why we offer this indestructible gun case that meets the highest standards of […]

Micro Case Series™ Gen 2 | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ Products has released three new personal cases as part of the Micro Case Series™. The new models (M40, M50 and M60) are waterproof and dustproof and designed to protect a variety of items. Ultimate protector. With its IP67 rating, they protect everything against strong rain, dust, sand, dirt, wind or falls. These situations usually […]

Peli™ launch the 1975Z0 and 1975Z1 ATEX flashlights | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ recently introduced its most powerful and compact ATEX certified flashlights: the Peli™ 1975Z0 & 1975Z1 LED penlights. These compact and handy flashlights are designed for use in potentially explosive environments, such as in the oil, gas, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical companies and for professionals working in fire and rescue brigades, aviation inspection / aviation and […]

Peli™ 5 Series | Vonk B.V.

The Peli™ 5 Series flashlights are the industry’s first flashlights with integrated battery status indication in the back switch. Low, medium, high, flashing or boost mode options allow you to switch to the best light intensity, from low lumens to a super bright intensity to properly illuminate dark situations. And with the Type II hard […]

Peli BioThermal™: advanced thermal packaging | Vonk B.V.

Thermal packaging has been developed for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Peli Biothermal™ offers a broad line of temperature-controlled shipping packaging. You are assured of the most advanced packaging technologies. The patented and award-winning Golden Hour Technology™ helps you transport temperature-sensitive devices and other products. The Peli Biothermal™ transport packaging can handle a lot of […]

Need a Peli™ trolley case? | Vonk B.V.

Looking for a sturdy trolley? Then go for a lightweight and robust suitcase: the Storm suitcase. This trolley is the result of years of perfecting and testing in both the laboratory and in the field. At Vonk B.V. you can find this high quality large trolley in our extensive range. This trolley is also the […]

Peli™ Hardigg | Vonk B.V.

The Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases are very sturdy, waterproof transport cases. They are dust free and chemical resistant. The best on the market, you can be sure of high quality. No more worries about the contents of the cases, all your equipment is stored extremely safely. These extra large cases transport safely and ensure that your […]