The Peli iM2950 is a trolley case from Peli Storm serie.

Looking for a sturdy trolley? Then go for a lightweight and robust suitcase: the Storm suitcase. This trolley is the result of years of perfecting and testing in both the laboratory and in the field. At Vonk B.V. you can find this high quality large trolley in our extensive range. This trolley is also the number one in the field of sturdy suitcases.

Trolley of the highest quality As a roller case, the Storm suitcase is not only robust, but also lightweight. This case has been perfected and tested for years. From the proprietary HPX™ plastic resin that is extremely strong during impact testing at lower temperatures, to the patented ‘press and pull’ spring lock that opens easily, every facet of this lightweight trolley has been created to protect vital items. The Peli Storm is designed to meet or exceed military testing requirements. Peli’s roll-top cases are airplane-ready, and they can all be shipped internationally.

For which products can you use Peli? You can use this robust case for all the transport of fragile equipment, such as cameras, camera lenses, photo equipment, telephones, laptops, CDs and much more. In addition, you can also easily take fragile materials or tools with you in a Peli trolley. There are handy dividers in a Peli Storm case, so that you can choose the layout of the case yourself. When you use this Storm Case you never have to worry about the safety of the equipment, materials or tools it contains. You just know that a suitcase couldn’t be safer!

Advantages Peli trolley When you go for a Peli Storm case, you know that the housing can take a beating. The case has unique press and pull latches that open at the touch of a button. Tension or impact? Then the closure remains closed! The wheels under the trolley provide minimal friction and low rolling resistance, making them easy to move with heavy loads. The Peli cases all have comfortable handles with a soft grip. In addition, the case has unbreakable cast-in hooks and the option to add standard-sized padlocks as an extra security measure. The corners of a Peli Storm case deflect and absorb impact and distribute kinetic energy across the entire case to ensure contents are protected drop after drop.

Contact Vonk B.V. Are you looking for a rolling suitcase? Then definitely go for a Peli Storm case! This robust case is available from us. You can find them on our renewed wesbite or contact us.