Dynalite | 50 year: Vonk B.V.

Vonk B.V. was founded this month. 50 years. A nice moment to look back. In this message we look at the lamp that started it all. Dynalite Vonk B.V. had its origins 50 years ago, with the Dynalite hand lamp as its first product. A professional heavy duty hand lantern for 6 D cells, made […]

NEW: Peli™ 3335RZO | Vonk B.V.

New by Vonk B.V. New in our range is the compact rechargeable Peli™ 3335RZ0 flashlight Request a quote for the new flashlight without obligation. Strongest ATEX tested flashlight With the Peli™ 3335RZ0 you have a strong flashlight in your hands. The rechargeable flashlight has a unique combination of features that make the Peli™ 3335Z0 the […]

Peli™ launch the 1975Z0 and 1975Z1 ATEX flashlights | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ recently introduced its most powerful and compact ATEX certified flashlights: the Peli™ 1975Z0 & 1975Z1 LED penlights. These compact and handy flashlights are designed for use in potentially explosive environments, such as in the oil, gas, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical companies and for professionals working in fire and rescue brigades, aviation inspection / aviation and […]

Suprabeam®: Working in the dark | Vonk B.V.

Working in the dark is part of roadside assistance services and the right work lighting by means of. headlamps and flashlights are then essential to carry out the task in an efficient and safe manner. This video shows how a professional roadside assistance company uses professional Suprabeam® lighting in its daily work.

Peli™ 5 Series | Vonk B.V.

The Peli™ 5 Series flashlights are the industry’s first flashlights with integrated battery status indication in the back switch. Low, medium, high, flashing or boost mode options allow you to switch to the best light intensity, from low lumens to a super bright intensity to properly illuminate dark situations. And with the Type II hard […]

Professional flashlight | Vonk B.V.

Are you looking for a professional flashlight? At Vonk B.V. you will discover a very wide range of flashlights from the best brands and the highest quality. A flashlight is an essential tool for professionals when performing a variety of tasks. Flashlights provide sufficient light in dark environments and therefore ensure a safe course of […]

Peli™ Flashlight | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ flashlight A Peli flashlight is an indestructible flashlight specially designed for the harshest conditions. These flashlights are often used during outdoor activities and by professionals in defense, fire brigade, industry and many other industries. If you are looking for a reliable, professional flashlight that can take a beating, you’re in the right place with […]

Peli™ 7600 – Tactical Flashlight | Vonk BV

Peli™ 7600 – Tactical Flashlight When it comes to professional flashlights, the Peli™ 7600 is one of the best options on the market. This rechargeable flashlight is designed for the most challenging conditions and offers unparalleled performance, strength and durability. Reliable rechargeable flashlight With the Peli™ 7600 you have a powerful flashlight in your hands. […]

Peli™ 7070R – Flashlight | Vonk B.V

Peli 7070R – Flashlight: • USB contactless charging • Max. 1209 lumens • Max. 32 burning hours • Range 235 m • IPX8 • Battery indicator • Bluetooth App • Carry holster The Peli 7070R can be found on our website under the category lights.