Suprabeam© – Traffic Wand (Gen 2)

Suprabeam® molded the traffic cone in durable silicone to make it flexible and break resistant. The color of the cone is orange.


Suprabeam© – Traffic Wand (Orange) (Q4-Q5 series) is suitable for:
Suprabeam® Q4
Suprabeam® Q4defend
Suprabeam® Q5xr
Suprabeam® Q5xr defend

Colour: Orange

For traffic control and emergency situations it is extremely important to have a highly visible aid. The orange Traffic Wand is highly visible and perfect for guiding, signalling, or in SOS situations. The Traffic Wand is made from highly flexible silicone which makes it easy to mount on the flashlight, and really easy to pack.

Vonk art. code: 620950081
Leverancier/supplier art. code: 950.081