Peli™ SuperMAC™ Rack 3U – SMAC2109-02/35/02

The SuperMAC™ enclosure is a slick enclosure with a 19″ wide by 24″ or 30″ deep EIA standard rack.


– Exterior (L×W×D): 41.50 x 23.80″ x 11.40 (105.4 x 60.5 x 29 cm)

– Rack height: 19.00″ (48.3 cm)
– Rack depth: 30.00″ (76.2 cm)

– Interior Lid Depth: 2.20″ (5.6 cm)
– Exterior Back Lid Depth: 2.20″ (5.6 cm)

– Frame: Heavy duty reinforced threaded aluminum frame
– Sway Space: 25mm
– G Rating: 40-70g

– Weight: 52.00 lbs (23.6 kg)
– Colour and accessories options, see the downloads section further down this product page.

The SuperMAC™ case is our most compact container with the option of a removable Lock ‘N Load rack. The SuperMAC™ enclosure strategically utilizes every inch of space, providing ample room for wiring and equipment integration – all while providing mid-level protection. The optional removable rack system slides open as easily as a file drawer for full access to equipment.

The SuperMAC™ case is ideal when you need vibration and shock protection for sensitive electronic equipment, but don’t have enough space for a classic rack case.

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