Peli™ 1510TPF – Interior Hybrid

The combination of the TrekPak system and the Pluk Foam gives you complete freedom to organize the compartments of your suitcase according to your own wishes.


Peli™ 1510TPF – Interior Hybrid is suitable for:
Peli 1510 – Protector trolley case

Kit includes:
TrekPak bulkhead set
Pick foam

The TrekPak system uses pre-installed wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a foolproof cutting tool. Simply load your gear into the case, measure and cut the dividers and secure with the steel U-pins.

Peli’s Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam molds the interior to your equipment. An easy do-it-yourself system for customizing the case to suit your gear.
The foam layers are pre-cut into small cubes. Simply measure your gear across the grate and remove the excess foam. The content stays in place and at the same time gets extra protection.

Vonk art. code: 216051204