Peli™ 1510 – Protector™ Trolley case

Peli the manufacturer of the toughest, waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant Peli Protector Case products on the market.


– Interior dimensions: 50.2 x 27.9 x 19.3 cm
– Exterior dimensions: 55.9 x 35.1 x 22.9 cm

– Lid depth: 4.5 cm
– Bottom depth: 14.7 cm
– Total depth: 19.3 cm

– Indoor volume: 0.027 m³
– Padlock hole diameter: 0.8 cm

– Weight with foam: 6.2 kg
– Weight without foam: 5.4 kg
– Weight with TrePak/Foam Hybrid: 6.8 kg
– Buoyancy: 29.1 kg

– Made in: Germany

– Base: Polypropylene
– Latch Material: ABS

– O-ring: Polymer
– Pens: ABS

– Purge Body Material: ABS
– Purge Vent Material: 3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven

– Minimum temperature: -40°C
– Maximum temperature: 99°C

– Extendable handle: Yes

– Colours: Black, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Desert Tan, Gray
– Certifications: IP67, Def Stan 81-41

Peli the manufacturer of the toughest, waterproof, dustproof and chemical resistant Peli™ Protector Case™ products on the market. Industrial equipment cases to protect sensitive equipment, military containers to protect weapons, boxes for photographic equipment, custom cases for electronic equipment, heavy duty plastic cases for logistics applications, polypropylene tool cases with wheels for outdoor working, video camera cases for broadcast teams , transport and logistics crates for the safe storage of items, etc.

Peli unlimited factory warranty

Black empty
Vonk art. code: 200151014
Peli art. code: 1510-001-110E

Black with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151024
Peli art. code: 1510-000-110E

Black Hybrid
Vonk art. code: 2001510TPF4
Peli art. code: 015100-0150-110

Orange empty
Vonk art. code: 200151012
Peli art. code: 1510-001-150E

Orange with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151022
Peli art. code: 1510-000-150E

Yellow empty
Vonk art. code: 200151011
Peli art. code: 1510-001-240E

Yellow with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151021
Peli art. code: 1510-000-240E

Desert Tan empty
Vonk art. code: 200151017
Peli art. code: 1510-001-190E

Desert Tan with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151027
Peli art. code: 1510-000-190E

Pink empty
Vonk art. code: 200151018
Peli art. code: 1510-001-165E01

Pink with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151028
Peli art. code: 1510-000-165E01

Grey with Foam
Vonk art. code: 200151023
Peli art. code: 1510-000-180E