Hydrosorbent® Dehumidifier – 450mg

Protect against mold, mildew, rust & corrosion. Colored indicator shows when to reactivate, no need for refills or replacement parts.


– Content: 450gr
– Protects: 0.935 m3 enclosed space
– Size: 114.3 x 50.8mm
– Packaging: Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard

The medium pack provides lifelong protection against moisture damage by lowering humidity in closed spaces. Protects against condensation, mold, rust and corrosion, extending the life of stored valuables and supplies.

The medium package contains 450 grams of silica gel, packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. The device has a built-in indicator that changes color, indicating that reactivation is required. The device can be easily reactivated. in a kitchen oven – no refills or replacement parts required.

Vonk art. code: 500000450
Leverancier/supplier art. code: SG-450