The Peli™ 1430 is an indestructible top loader case specially designed to protect your fragile assets in the harshest conditions. Whether it concerns cameras, measuring equipment or important documents: the Peli™ 1430 keeps your belongings free of water and dust at all times and ensures that they can take a (serious) knock. The case is available in sand brown, olive green, black, yellow and orange. And the best thing? You get an unlimited manufacturer’s warranty on every Peli™ case!

Extremely strong transport case for transporting equipment

Peli™ cases are world famous and are seen as the top brand for anyone looking for cases that are extremely strong and indestructible. Developed to withstand the harshest environments on Earth, from the extreme cold of the Arctic to the humid heat of a tropical jungle, the California brand’s transport cases are commonly used by professionals in defense, firefighters, industry and many more. other industries.

The Peli™ 1430 case: waterproof, shockproof and dustproof

The Peli™ 1430 transport case is made of durable polypropylene and has a unique top-loading design that makes the case suitable for transporting, protecting and storing various items such as electronic devices, papers or tools. The Peli™ 1430 is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof and has an automatic pressure relief valve that balances the internal pressure and ensures that the case remains free of moisture. All steel parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and the transport case has a fold-out handle made of comfortable rubber. When you purchase a Peli™ 1430 you always get a lifetime warranty.

Filling of the Peli™ 1430

You can get the Peli™ 1430 empty or with filling. When you choose the Peli™ 1430 with filling, it consists of bubble foam in the lid and pluck foam in the bottom. By removing and moving blocks of foam, you can fully adapt the case to your wishes.

Buying a Peli™ 1430 from Vonk B.V.

Would you like to buy a Peli ™1430? Then you are at Vonk B.V. at the right place! We are a small but rapidly growing company specialized in supplying indestructible products from top brands such as Peli, Armytek and Suprabeam to industry, defense, police, fire brigade, ambulance and many other agencies. If you are interested in purchasing a Peli™ 1430 transport case, you can request a quote without obligation via our website.


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