Peli™ Products has released three new personal cases as part of the Micro Case Series™. The new models (M40, M50 and M60) are waterproof and dustproof and designed to protect a variety of items.

Ultimate protector.

With its IP67 rating, they protect everything against strong rain, dust, sand, dirt, wind or falls. These situations usually arise when you go out into nature, whether you are climbing the highest mountains, while practicing certain sports, while traveling through the desert or simply while camping. Moreover, these are of great importance in military applications. In all these occasions, and many more that may arise in everyday life, the Micro Cases range will fully protect all types of small devices.

Improved case.

The new Micro Cases are made with the legendary Peli guaranteed pressure-resistant polymer and are designed with several improvements compared to the previous series. The new series is equipped with a special waterproof O-ring gasket, double latches and a lock bracket. The interior non-slip lining keeps items in place and is removable for easy cleaning. The new cases also offer more internal volume than the older Micro Cases. But like the previous series, the new models are also made in the USA, have an IP67 rating and feature an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance internal pressure.

The M40-, M50- en M60- cases are available in transparent with a yellow, black or blue inner lining at the bottom. Or completely black.

The new Micro Cases  can be found on our website.