We at Dacon know VONK through our Norwegian branch and we have had a great relationship since the first meeting. What Dacon and VONK strive for together is that we both put the customer first and don’t stop until they are 100% satisfied.

We jointly developed a suitcase for KLM for this project.

The process beforehand consists of sitting together and thinking about the final product. That will cost you an afternoon with a snack and a drink, but it is more than worth it. Such an afternoon at VONK is not only very productive but also very pleasant. During this process you will find out that you are working with experts.

After this session you have a good idea together about what the product can look like and you go to suppliers together to look at materials. Then it’s a matter of ‘getting started’ and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That all goes in good harmony with VONK and works very pleasantly. Everything is possible and every detail is taken care of until the product is finished. When something is not quite perfect, a new case is obtained, or new handles are taken. We work until the end result is perfect!

In the end, we developed this beautiful suitcase together, and we are very proud of that.

Rutger van Duijn, Dacon Inspection Technology B.V