Peli™ 9410L is being replaced | Vonk B.V.

We would like to inform you that the 9410L will be available from us from the end of March 2023 until stocks last. Peli™ is discontinuing production of the 9410L. The Peli™ 9050 hand lamp will replace the Peli™ 9410L. This lamp has a number of upgrades compared to the 9410L. » Flexible battery system […]

Medical cases | Vonk B.V.

Medical case In the world of medical care, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and effectively. This is where Vonk B.V.’s expertise comes in. look around the corner, we specialize in high-quality medical suitcases. Vonk B.V. goes further than simply offering turnkey solutions; We put together medical suitcases that exactly fit the […]

Peli™ Tool case | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ tool case A Peli™ tool case is an indispensable tool for professionals who want to keep their tools safe, organized and protected, no matter the conditions. Peli™, a leading brand in protective cases and transportation solutions, is known for its durable and high-quality products. The Peli™ tool case is specially designed to withstand the […]

Vonk IBC – Intermediate Bulk Carrier | Vonk B.V.

Large quantities of hazardous substances are transported worldwide. By water, rail, air and road. To prevent hazardous solids from causing damage to people or the environment during transport, Vonk has expanded the program with the Intermediate Bulk Carriers. In short: IBC. These containers are ADR 11H2 certified, equipped with a lid and specially developed […]

Opening hours public holidays | Vonk B.V.

The year is almost over and the holidays are approaching. In the last week of the year we will make an adjustment to our opening hours. We are closed from December the 25th till January the 1th. We will be open and accessible again from January 2, 2024. And we are running regular opening hours […]

Dynalite | 50 year: Vonk B.V.

Vonk B.V. was founded this month. 50 years. A nice moment to look back. In this message we look at the lamp that started it all. Dynalite Vonk B.V. had its origins 50 years ago, with the Dynalite hand lamp as its first product. A professional heavy duty hand lantern for 6 D cells, made […]

Peli™ 1535 transport case | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ 1535 The Peli™ 1535 is no ordinary transport case; it is a rugged companion designed to protect your valuables in the most demanding conditions. Whether it’s expensive electronic equipment, delicate instruments or important documents, the Peli™ 1535 offers unparalleled durability and reliability, and is the ideal choice for maximum protection during your transport. Peli™ […]

NEW: Peli™ 3335RZO | Vonk B.V.

New by Vonk B.V. New in our range is the compact rechargeable Peli™ 3335RZ0 flashlight Request a quote for the new flashlight without obligation. Strongest ATEX tested flashlight With the Peli™ 3335RZ0 you have a strong flashlight in your hands. The rechargeable flashlight has a unique combination of features that make the Peli™ 3335Z0 the […]