Suprabeam® headlamps: suitable for every safety helmet | Vonk B.V.

Regardless of the type of helmet you use: you can mount a Suprabeam headlamp on it. Quality lighting is important for a safe working situation. That’s why we have a mounting solution for every kind of safety helmet. Adhesive helmet mount The adhesive helmet mount allows you to use the helmet clamp with your S-series […]

Peli™ Flashlight | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ flashlight A Peli flashlight is an indestructible flashlight specially designed for the harshest conditions. These flashlights are often used during outdoor activities and by professionals in defense, fire brigade, industry and many other industries. If you are looking for a reliable, professional flashlight that can take a beating, you’re in the right place with […]

Suprabeam® Work light | Vonk B.V.

Many workmen still rely on old-fashioned stationary work lights, which require the use of a conveniently located outlet or extension cord. The work lamp must then be placed carefully, so as not to be in your own shadow. Also make sure that no one can suddenly pull the cord loose or break it. So why […]