Peli™ 9410L is being replaced | Vonk B.V.

We would like to inform you that the 9410L will be available from us from the end of March 2023 until stocks last. Peli™ is discontinuing production of the 9410L. The Peli™ 9050 hand lamp will replace the Peli™ 9410L. This lamp has a number of upgrades compared to the 9410L. » Flexible battery system […]

NEW: Peli™ 3335RZO | Vonk B.V.

New by Vonk B.V. New in our range is the compact rechargeable Peli™ 3335RZ0 flashlight Request a quote for the new flashlight without obligation. Strongest ATEX tested flashlight With the Peli™ 3335RZ0 you have a strong flashlight in your hands. The rechargeable flashlight has a unique combination of features that make the Peli™ 3335Z0 the […]

Wearing a headlamp can prevent potentially dangerous situations! | Vonk B.V.

Do you want to prevent potentially dangerous situations! Then a Suprabeam® headlamp is the solution. The Suprabeam® headlamps deliver a constant high light output for 10 hours or more! That is more than enough for an entire working day. The entire range of Suprabeam® professional headlamps and flashlights can be found on our website.

Suprabeam® headlamps: suitable for every safety helmet | Vonk B.V.

Regardless of the type of helmet you use: you can mount a Suprabeam headlamp on it. Quality lighting is important for a safe working situation. That’s why we have a mounting solution for every kind of safety helmet. Adhesive helmet mount The adhesive helmet mount allows you to use the helmet clamp with your S-series […]

Peli™ Flashlight | Vonk B.V.

Peli™ flashlight A Peli flashlight is an indestructible flashlight specially designed for the harshest conditions. These flashlights are often used during outdoor activities and by professionals in defense, fire brigade, industry and many other industries. If you are looking for a reliable, professional flashlight that can take a beating, you’re in the right place with […]

Peli™ 7600 – Tactical Flashlight | Vonk BV

Peli™ 7600 – Tactical Flashlight When it comes to professional flashlights, the Peli™ 7600 is one of the best options on the market. This rechargeable flashlight is designed for the most challenging conditions and offers unparalleled performance, strength and durability. Reliable rechargeable flashlight With the Peli™ 7600 you have a powerful flashlight in your hands. […]