Peli™ i1010 – iPod case (OUTLET)

This is an Outlet item from Vonk B.V. The following colors of this product are still in stock: 1 silver, 32 white, 29 black, 6 pink, 5 green. An extra discount of 10% on the net sales price is charged for an outlet item.


– Interior dimensions: 11.1 x 7.29 x 4.27 cm (4.37″ x 2.87″ x 1.68″)
– Exterior dimensions: 14.94 x 10.31 x 5.38 cm (5.88″ x 4.06″ x 2.12″)

– Lid depth: 0.69″ (1.8 cm)
– Bottom depth: 0.94″ (2.4 cm)
– Total depth: 1.63″ (4.1 cm)

– Inner volume: 0.01 ft³ (0 m³)
– Buoyancy: 0.51 lbs (0.2 kg)

– Base: Polycarbonate (PC)
– Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

– Closure: Xylex
– O-ring: Thermoplastic Rubber
– Pens: Stainless Steel

– Drainage device: Polycarbonate (PC)
– Drain valve: Polyester Spun-Bond ePTFE Oleophobic
– Tap ring: 70 Shore Nitrile

– Minimum temperature: -10° F (-23° C)
– Maximum temperature: 199°F (93°C)

– Weight with foam: 0.19kg (0.41lbs)

– Colours: Black – White – Gray – Pink – Green
– Certifications: IP67

Suitcase is delivered without items shown.

You can use Peli™ i1010 to neatly store and safely transport your Apple iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle and associated accessories. This way you can listen to your favorite music safely everywhere.

The product is an OUTLET item. So gone = gone. An additional 10% discount on the net sales price is charged for an outlet item.

-Easy to open two-step closures
-Designed for iPod™ classic®, iPod™ nano®, and iPod™ shuffle®
-Custom rubber liner next to o-ring seal
-Lid interior with space for headphones
-Not suitable for diving
-Convenient double-ended tie-down strap with reflective safety stripes

Black with Foam
Vonk art. code: 150I10104

Silver with Foam
Vonk art. code: 150I10102

White with Foam
Vonk art. code: 150I10103

Pink with Foam
Vonk art. code: 150I10106

Green with Foam
Vonk art. code: 150I10108