Peli™ 8050 – M11™ Rechargeable Flashlight (OUTLET)

This is an Outlet item from Vonk B.V. Of this product, 7 yellow/black and 15 yellow items are still in stock. An extra discount of 10% on the net sales price is charged for an outlet item.


– Bulb type: Xenon
– Light color: White

– Light output: 164 lumens (High)
– Light distance: 256m (High)
– Candela: 16448cd (High)

– Light duration: 2.15 hours (High)

– Functions: ON / OFF
– Switch: Push Button
– Volt: 4.8 volts

– Length: 28.6 cm

– O-ring: Ethylene Propylene
– Lens: Polycarbonate (PC)

– Contact Spring Retainer: Stainless Steel

– Battery: 4x NiMH batteries
– Battery included: Yes

– Rechargeable: Yes
– Charging time: 5 hours

– Weight with batteries: 507 gr
– Weight without batteries: 198 gr

– Certification: IPX4
– Colour: Black/Yellow – Yellow

– Included: 4x NiMH batteries

Light standards in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL-1

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Thanks to the xenon high-pressure lamp, a powerful, bright, pre-concentrated light beam is generated.

The M11 8050 uses a rechargeable 4C Ni-MH battery stick and a high-pressure Xenon lamp to generate a powerful, bright, pre-concentrated beam of light. The housing is formed from an all-weather non-slip grip pattern. The lamp notifies the user if it has been left on while upside down. The On/Off push button is easy to operate, even when wearing thick gloves. This Peli lantern is a professional standard lighting product and can generate significant heat and light intensity.

Vonk art. code: 100806011

Vonk art. code: 100805001