Peli™ 3715Z0/Z20 – Right angle lantern

This lamp can be used in both gas and dust environments. Zone 0 is for explosive gas environment. Zone 20 is for explosive dust environments.


– Size: 13.6 cm
– Volts: 6.0

– Bulb type: LED
– Material: Anti-static impact modified PC/PBT
– Clip material: Anti-static impact modified PC/PBT

– Light settings: 189 Lumens (high setting)
– Light distance: 249 meters
– Burn time: 4 hours (high setting)
– Light Mode: High/ Low / Downcast / Flashing

– Switch: clickable button
– O-ring material: Buna-N
– Lens material: Anti-static PMMA

– Battery type: 4x AA Alkaline
– Battery indicator: 3 Blue Led

– Weight with batteries: 408 gr
– Weight without batteries: 312 gr

– Certifications: ATEX Zone 0, ATEX Zone 20, IPx4
– Color yellow

Light standard in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL-1

When using NOT tested and/or recommended batteries in an ATEX lantern, the ATEX certification automatically expires.

Peli once again shows the way with her new lantern at right angles. The downward LEDs of the new 3715Z0 LED illuminating your path produce 189 lumens (High mode) and 90 lumens (Low mode) and also provide a signal mode. Another new feature is the built-in battery life indicator. This way you always know the battery level before you take action. The 3715Z0 LED is not only compact, sturdy and light, but also contains the latest technology. In addition, the lantern is of excellent quality and backed by Peli’s Legendary Guarantee of Excellence.

Vonk art. code: 100371511
Peli art. code: 3715-020-241E
EAN: 0019428108854
Douane HS code: 85131000