Peli™ 1520PF – Special Application Panel Frame (Gen 1)

This product is no longer produced. Vonk B.V. currently has 4 pieces in stock. If stock runs out, the product will no longer be replenished.


Peli™ 1520PF – Special Application Panel Frame is suitable for:
Peli 1520 – Protector case (Gen 1)

The new generation of this product can be found under the heading; Accessories

The ‘Panel Edge Mounting System’ provides a simple solution for installing interface panels in a Peli case. The support grooves on the inside of the trunk wall support the panel frame. The included o-ring gasket seals the panel watertight, even with the lid open. For extra protection of your components, we can have foam inlays adapted to your specifications.

Vonk art. code: 200152990OUD