NITECORE® NTC10 – Tactical bag (OUTLET)

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NITECORE® NTC10 – Tactical bag is suitable for:
For your batteries, flashlights and other accessories.

Bag dimensions:
– Height: 11 cm
– Inner height: 10 cm

– Length: 31 cm
– Internal length: 30 cm

– Width: 27 cm
– Width inside size: 25 cm

– Weight: 580 gr

– Material: Nylon
– Closure type: Zipper
– Material inside: Velcro, MOLLE compatible

-Colour: Black
– Bag contains accessories: NHL01 Holster, NHL02 Holster, NHL03 Holster, NHL04 Holster, NHL20 Net Bag 26×26 cm, NHL30 Net Bag 30×12 cm

Accessories are not available separately.

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