Peli™ 2479 – Kit with rechargeable NiMH batteries

Battery pack for the StealthLite and Little Ed lamps.


Peli™ 2479 – Kit of rechargeable NiMH batteries is suitable for:
Peli 2450 StealthLite™ flashlight
Peli 2460 StealthLite™ flashlight
Peli 2460Z1 StealthLite™ flashlight
Peli 3650 Little Ed™
Peli 3660 Little Ed™
Peli 3660Z1 Little Ed™

– Power: 1900 mAh
– Voltage: 1.2 Volts
– Technology: NiMh AA
– Blister: 4

Kit contains: 4x Peli™ AA NiMH batteries, contact module, a plastic separator and instructions for installation and use.