Peli™ 1902 – Light Beam Bender (OUTLET)

This is an Outlet item from Vonk B.V. There are still 154 articles of this product in stock. An extra discount of 10% on the net sales price is charged for an outlet item.


Peli™ 1902 – Light beam bender is suitable for:
Peli 1900 – Flashlight
Peli 1900Z1 – Flashlight
Peli 1960 – Flashlight
Peli 1965Z0 – Flashlight

Outlet items from Vonk B.V. concerns damaged packaging or last pieces (residual stock). If no specific price is stated, we will give an additional 10% discount on the net sales price. The warranty on these products remains the same, unless otherwise stated for the product in question.

Vonk art. code: 100190200