Safely transport your equipment in the Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases

The Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases are very sturdy, waterproof transport cases. They are dust free and chemical resistant. The best on the market, you can be sure of high quality. No more worries about the contents of the cases, all your equipment is stored extremely safely. These extra large cases transport safely and ensure that your equipment still works optimally at the end location. With recessed handles, latches and hinges nothing can get damaged.

Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases: strong and waterproof

Vonk has Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases in stock. Transport from A to B, your valuables safely stored. Transporting delicate, sensitive and important objects. It’s quite a job. The Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases make this very efficient. View the different formats. We have the Cube, the Flat, Lang and RotoPack. Curious about all the transport cases in the Vonk range? Check out the options on this list.

The benefits of the Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases

  1. The cases can be closed watertight. Water damage? You don’t have to worry about this! Even if the suitcase ends up in the ditch, the contents remain dry.
  2. The wheels are made of durable materials. The cases roll very smoothly. Because the material is resistant to heat, wear and tear is not an issue.
  3. Padlock protectors are integrated in the case. Even more protection against theft and, of course, damage.
  4. The closures are two step closures. Easy to operate, extra security.
  5. Pressure equalization: Thanks to the valve, built-up air pressure is released and the water molecules are kept out.
  6. The Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases are 100% recyclable. Friendly to the environment! A sustainable choice.
  7. Don’t worry about valuable content.
  8. Available in various dimensions.
  9. Arrange the suitcase as you wish, suitable for a specific content.
  10. The Peli™ Hardigg™ Cases are widely used within the medical and industrial world.

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