Thermal packaging has been developed for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Peli Biothermal™ offers a broad line of temperature-controlled shipping packaging. You are assured of the most advanced packaging technologies. The patented and award-winning Golden Hour Technology™ helps you transport temperature-sensitive devices and other products.

The Peli Biothermal™ transport packaging can handle a lot of transport. Loads from 2 to 96 litres, with temperatures from -50°C to 25°C. This for a transport duration of up to seven days. Reduce transportation costs and reduce waste consumption. Temperature-controlled thermal packaging meets high requirements, both in terms of load capacity and temperature range and durability.

Various thermal packs from Peli Biothermal™

Peli Biothermal™ offers a variety of thermal packaging options for temperature-sensitive products. Products that react violently to temperature changes must be protected. Different weather conditions, shocks during transportation, all affect the items.

The Peli Biothermal™ range assists companies with their thermal packaging needs. With this packaging you transport products from the healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and much more. From equipment to foodstuffs. At Vonk B.V. you will find several transport solutions of the advanced, patented transport line.

Solutions for temperature sensitive products

The Credo Cube is a reusable thermal housing. The refrigerated contents of the load are protected less than with other thermal packs. The Credo XTreme™ is a housing for transporting a pallet of Credo Cubes. With a capacity of 406 and 890 liters and of course the same temperature control.

The Chronos Advance™ can be used once. The high-quality transport system makes optimal use of insulation materials. The Coolpall™ is a high-quality solution for bulk cargo forwarding. The pallet is suitable for single use, the quality is absolutely not reduced. The quality is guaranteed. The packs are very easy to assemble.

Golden Hour Technology™

The Golden Hour Technoloy™ is the winner of the 2003 US Army Greatest Invention Award. The technology was developed to protect lives on the front lines. With the advanced techniques, blood was transported in a safe way when the need was high. This award-winning technology is as inventive as ever. Superior thermal properties for temperature sensitive loads. Protect your loads with Peli Biothermal™ thermal packs.

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