In 2016, Peli Products was the first to market a completely new, lightweight, suitcase series, sometimes with a maximum weight reduction of 40%. The AIR series has been expanded with a new type, the Peli 1507 model. The deeper 1507 AIR offers many possibilities for drones and electronic equipment.

This size does not exist in the Protector and Storm series and has been developed to have an extra deep small case in AIR series of 1557, 1607 and 1637.

The 1507, like all other Peli cases, has undergone all tests to comply with the Peli™ warranty conditions.

To minimize the weight in the case, the Peli™ engineers were faced with the challenge of design and weight in all facets, without compromising on the renowned durability of each Peli™ case. A team of chemical specialists has made it possible to make the lightest quality case with a high-quality form of protection currently available on the market.