Medical case

In the world of medical care, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and effectively. This is where Vonk B.V.’s expertise comes in. look around the corner, we specialize in high-quality medical suitcases. Vonk B.V. goes further than simply offering turnkey solutions; We put together medical suitcases that exactly fit the situation, with the highest standards for safety, durability and functionality.

Peli™ medical case

One of the best-known brands where Vonk B.V. Peli™, a renowned brand known for its robust and reliable products, sells medical cases. Within the impressive Peli™ range, Vonk B.V. using some notable models, including the Peli™ Ruck R20, Peli™ Ruck R40 and the Peli™ 472-medchest3-8D.

Peli Ruck™ R20

The Peli Ruck™ R20 is a compact and portable medical case suitable for emergency situations where mobility is essential. This case not only provides protection for medical equipment, but is also designed for easy transport, allowing healthcare providers to get to the scene quickly.

Peli Ruck™ R40 

For situations where more space and storage capacity are needed, the Peli Ruck™ R40 is an excellent choice. With additional internal compartments and adjustable dividers, this case allows healthcare professionals to safely transport a wider range of medical supplies.

Peli™ 472-medchest3-8D

The Peli™ 472-medchest3-8D is a showpiece within the Vonk B.V. range. This case is specifically designed for the medical sector and provides unparalleled protection for sensitive medical equipment. With eight deep drawers, each equipped with individual locks, this suitcase allows organized and safe storage.

Wat Vonk B.V. is not only the use of high-quality brands such as Peli™, but also the ability to customize these brands to specific customer requirements. An example is the Peli™ VONK medical cases. Whether it concerns adding custom compartments, integrating specific security measures or personalizing the exterior of the suitcase, Vonk B.V. strives to provide the perfect solution for every medical need.

In short, Vonk B.V. does not just supply medical suitcases; they provide tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations and enable healthcare professionals to act with confidence in any critical situation.

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