Dicota – DataBox Allround voor HP100 (OUTLET)

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Screen: 15.4 – 17.1 inches
Weight: 6.8kg
Material: Aluminium, Con-Pearl
Colour black

Equipment dimensions: 410 x 310 x 60 mm
Bag dimensions: 450 x 445 x 260 mm

• Padded notebook compartment
• Very stable aluminum housing
• Floor-to-desk principle
• Internal cabling
• Lockable, including 2 keys
• 220V adapter on the outside
• Conventional data transfer or via Bluetooth

Case does not include equipment.

The DataBox Allround XL trolley is not only suitable for the standard notebooks of 15.4 inch and 17.1 inch, but also the larger sizes from 17.1 inch fit in this case. The fold-out printer compartment completes the mobile office. With DICOTA’s floor-to-desk principle, the equipment remains fully wired during transport and is therefore immediately operational from the case. The Databox is equipped with a separate trolley system. The case is lockable and comes with two keys.

The Databox is equipped with a 20V adapter that has a connector on the outside of the case. The trolley system is removable and can be easily attached and removed. The printer is fixed in the case with the DICOTA Quick-Fix holder (optional for HP OJ 100). The Databox comes with an external bag for documents, manufactured
of Koskin* and a separate inner bag of Neoprene* for carrying the notebook separately if necessary.

*Koskin: imitation leather with a quality look
*Neoprene: synthetic rubber with air cells

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