Suprabeam LED lights

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We are proud to inform you that from now Vonk BV has a beautiful new line of Suprabeam LED flashlights in its range. We can call ourselves the unique importer of these professional LED torches /flashlights.

A brief introduction:

Suprabeam® making innovative LED pocket and headlamps that are especially designed for professional users in the industrial, automotive, emergency and outdoor applications.

The hyper-focus technology and aluminum reflector guarantee along with the special lens high power light output. The power Cree LEDs are mounted on heat sinks. As a result, in addition to a maximum power, one also achieves a high yield of thermal control, which results in a low power consumption and a long service life.

The range is divided into the Q series (hand lamps up to 800 lumens) and the V-Series (headlamps to 300 lumens).

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• Suprabeam Q range

Suprabeam V range

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