Peli 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ1 RECALL NOTIFICATION – Belangrijke veiligheidswaarschuwing

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31st October 2019

Dear Peli Customer,

Peli takes the quality and reliability of its products very seriously. As such, we are constantly monitoring the performance of our products in the field to maintain customer safety and satisfaction with our products.

As a result of this monitoring, we are issuing a recall of the Peli 3315RZ0, 3315RZ0-RA, 3315RZ1 and 3315RZ1-RA light and the replacement battery pack because there is a potential problem with the battery pack. The battery pack can overheat, melt or catch fire, posing a fire hazard.

The Peli part numbers affected by this recall are: 03315R-0000-245










Peli requests that you conduct the following immediate actions:

  • • Inform all relevant staff at your site
  • • Quarantine and segregate all affected stock and stop distribution, including any ready for shipment
  • • Inform Peli of the affected part numbers and quantities that you have in stock, even if you no longer have remaining stock

Contact Peli, 9AM-5PM (CEST), Monday to Friday by phone on +34 93 301 59 94, or via e-mail at support@peli.com to provide the requested information and to learn more about this recall.

In addition, we have added a Technical Bulletin to our website (www.peli.com/3315RZ0-Recall) and request your cooperation in communicating this message to your customers who have purchased affected lights and replacement batteries.

To aid end users identify recalled products without the original packaging, they can check the logo on the body of the light. For the individual battery pack, the labels on the product show the catalogue or model number on the body of the battery itself. These are shown within the Technical Bulletin images.

We appreciate your cooperation and immediate response to this request.

Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of Peli Products SLU.

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